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Internet and Technology Survey / Encuesta de internet y tecnología

We want to better support you and other families by asking you to answer a few questions. Your answers will remain private. If you don’t want to answer a question, you may skip it. You only have to provide answers based on your oldest child that is enrolled at Palm Lane (if you have more than one child enrolled). Thank you for your time. / Queremos brindarle un mejor apoyo a usted y a otras familias pidiéndoles que respondan algunas preguntas. Tus respuestas seguirán siendo privadas. Si no desea responder una pregunta, puede omitirla. Solo tiene que proporcionar respuestas basadas en su hijo mayor que esté inscrito en Palm Lane (si tiene más de un hijo inscrito). Gracias por tu tiempo.

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Update from Dr. Miller

Hello, Palm Lane Families!

I hope all of you are safe and doing well.

If you are in need of a laptop to help your child complete work at home, please complete the Laptop Agreement Form.  You may return this form the week of April 20th when you pick up the device.  Pick-up instructions will be posted on April 16th.

I will be sending out a special notice with updates this week, ParentSquare is our primary vehicle for mass communication for all PalmLane families. The latest information can be found by clicking the icon above “ParentSquare Current News”, please stay tuned.

Thank you, again, for being apart of the Palm Lane family and during this time, you are all in our thoughts. Be well and stay safe!

Dr. Miller

Computer Use Agreement.English

Computer Agreement.Spanish

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The mission of Palm Lane Elementary Charter School is to provide a high-quality STEAM-based education in a digital learning environment to empower students to meet and surpass grade level standards. Our students will be provided a well-rounded education with a focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to accelerate learning in their areas of strength and interest. Students will successfully meet the common core standards through instruction that is tailored to meet their unique needs by engaging in inquiry based instruction.


Community Resources

Palm Lane Charter School actively engages in community partnerships across Anaheim.


Palm Lane Events

Click here for more information about upcoming events and Palm Lane Charter School

Our Vision:

We enrich lives through playing

Guiding the young generation

Learn to confidently talk

Children blossoming at school

Excellence in early childhood


Palm Lane Charter School was started by and services the community around it.  We are proud to have active families at our school who help make it an exceptional learning environment.


At Palm Lane we want our students to receive a well-rounded and healthy experience while at school.  That is why in addition to daily breaks in instruction we offer a daily chance for students to exercise and visit the art wheel. 

School Events

Palm Lane is COMMITTED to hosting events throughout the school year that promotes home-to-school connections, is welcoming to parents, and that celebrates students.  Look for weekly school events on our monthly newsletter and here, on our site!


Through art, students can express themselves through different modalities while exercising high levels of creativity.  Student artwork is displayed in various places around Palm Lane’s campus, giving students a sense of pride.


To support our STEAM program and allow students the opportunity to develop their technology skills, Palm Lane has 1-to-1 Chrome books in grades 3 to 6, while students in the primary have daily access to technology as well.  Students also use Cubelets and Ozobits in our STEAM Labs to learn coding and learn robotics in a way that will challenge them to plan, solve problems, reflect and collaborate – skills that are essential to being globally and technologically competent.


For students who need additional time to develop English Language Development skills, or work on instructional goals driven by Individual Educational Plans, or need additional time to practice higher-level thinking skills, Palm Lane has a dedicated intervention block students participate in daily.  Teachers gather data during this dedicated structured time, which they use to plan instruction.


Palm Lane teachers are very dedicated, driven, collaborative, creative, and reflective.  They encourage positive student behavior, they understand the importance of building a positive rapport with parents, and they take time to get to know their students which helps them to best know how to help students succeed, both academically and social-emotionally as well.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Palm Lane is COMMITTED to involving parents in the education of their child(ren).  There are many opportunities for parent participation.  Parents are encouraged to visit the school office for more information on how to become a Palm Lane Parent Volunteer.


a Certified

Palm Lane Elementary Charter School is operated by New Century Charter Public Schools, which is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that qualifies for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

a After School Program

Palm Lane offers a free afterschool program for up to 60 students that is designed to: help students complete homework assigned and allow students to engage in cooperation, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking through cooperative sports, art, and free-play. Students who attend are held to a high standard of showing good character, following directions, and respecting staff and fellow students.

a Growth and Learning

Students are homogeneously and heterogeneously grouped and provided targeted instruction throughout the school day. Because of Palm Lane’s diverse levels of learners, to differentiate instruction and support student social-emotional and academic growth, Palm Lane participates in daily Universal Access time.


iSTEAM is a daily instructional block dedicated to hands-on, STEAM-focused learning where students, starting in Transitional Kindergarten (TK), engage in meaningful study and the hands-on application of STEAM concepts.

a Growth

Our students come with different academic levels and the Academic Support period allows teachers to differentiate and support students in order to meet their academic needs, while allowing students to use data and reflection to guide their progress.

a Goals

Our data driven decision-making culture is displayed in the way Palm Lane administers assessments and analyze assessment data; through academic coaching and differentiation of instruction to meet student needs; and coaching teachers to learn and regularly incorporate innovative instructional strategies taught to them through ongoing and frequent professional development.

You are invited to submit an application to enroll your child for the 2019-2020 school year.